Maximise your day!

“If you don’t go after what you want, you’ll never have it. If you don’t ask, the answer is always no. If you don’t step forward, you’re always in the same place.” – Nora Roberts

We are not on this earth to simply go through the motions. We are not here to feel mediocre 90% of the time; we are not here to stay where we are and never grow as a person.

Today, as I sit writing todays blog, is what I like to call ‘Personal Development Thursdays’. It’s a day where I start work at 11am, so my morning from 6:30 (when I wake) to 10:45am (the time I go to work) is time set aside for me to learn something new, write a new blog, listen to a podcast, go to the gym – anything that I feel will help me grow tomorrow. 

Many of us (I have been one of this group) are stuck in the cycle of going to work/school, coming home, eating, watching TV, sleeping and repeating it all over again. But what if it doesn’t have to be like that – what if we can maximise each day so we feel we have achieved, grown, helped, supported, loved, flourished? Because we can – and the only person who can do that is YOU!

We have talked a lot about procrastination and fear holding us back. Hopefully, you have taken some time to put a few of the tips and tricks I have already discussed in place and feel a little differently about both of these things now, so today, we are going to talk about how we can MAXIMISE your day, every single day – because if it was your last would you look back and be happy about your mindset, your actions and behaviour today? Something to think about!

The first thing we can do to maximise our day is set aside 10/20 minutes in the morning for ourselves to sit and plan, talk through, or think about the day ahead. How many of you roll out of bed, get dressed half asleep, stumble through the kitchen for a coffee or breakfast and leave the house (I have my hand firmly up). This is NOT the way we start the day if we want to maximise our days, live our potential and be consistent in our ‘A’ game. 

So here’s the plan. Set your alarm twenty minutes earlier, grab a note pad and every morning I want you to ask yourself these questions:

  1. What is one thing I can be or am excited about today?
  2. A situation that potentially could stress me out today or trip me up today is…… and how would my ‘A’ game self, deal with this situation if it were to happen
  3. One action I could take today to be AMAZING is….
  4. Today would be a great success if at the end of the day I did or felt this…

By going through these few questions before you start your day, you are well on your way to an amazing day. You have highlighted the things that potentially could trip you up and you now know how to deal with them. You have picked out one action to make the day amazing and have given serious thought to how today could be a great success. 

The next thing you are going to do to start maximising your day, is to set yourself three mini tasks that you MUST complete throughout the day. 

This could be setting aside ‘me time, sitting down for 5 minutes to enjoy a cup of tea, it could be to get yourself to an exercise class or to drink 2 litres of water. But whatever these three mini tasks are, I want you to make sure they are 100% achievable. You know, deep down when you set the task you WILL complete them by the end of the day. I want you to write them down, in your phone or notepad as if you have already achieved them… ‘I drank 2 litres of water today’ or ‘I have been to the gym’;  make sure you know the EXACT tasks for the day. Then after you’ve completed them, go back to them on the evening and give them a BIG TICK! 

Your third task to maximise your day, is to give to someone else. Pick one person you are going to make smile, you are going to send a text too, give them a ring, offer help at work/college/school, or mentor them. The periods of greatest joy and fulfilment in humans are found in the moments and motivations when we are choosing to give and help others. Invest a small chunk of your time daily to spread the love somewhere else.

And lastly, do one thing a day that you LOVE. We all have dreams, hopes and goals. We all have hobbies that we love or activities that breath life into who we are. Make sure you schedule time for this – and if you don’t do this, go out and find a hobby, find an interest, find something that fires your soul. Set aside that time to do something for YOU, something you love, something that interests you. By doing so, we are more connected, happier and we have been allowed that down time that we all need. 

I’ve purposely kept today’s blog short and sweet to give you more time to maximise your day, so go now – write your answers to the questions above; set yourself three mini tasks that are 100% achievable for your day; make someone else smile and go and find something you love. 

“Every day you have a choice – you can choose to be average, or you can choose to become extraordinary ”

Happy Sunday 

Bec x