Be the energy you want to attract…

If you spoke to me about ‘energy’ at this time last year, I would have pulled a funny face and probably thought you were getting all spiritual on my ass!

Oh, how times have changed…

Energy is a funny thing, but I have learned over the past couple of months, that energy is actually very important for us as human beings; how we express our energy, where we put our energy and who we give our energy to!

I spent my teenage years giving my energy to things I really didn’t need to (mostly wasted energy that stemmed from the years of turmoil I had with men). Although these years were some of the toughest periods of my life so far, I do thank myself for going through them: the great thing is that it’s brought me to where I am now! The years I wasted, on reflection, could have been spent being so much happier, spending time with the right people and in the right places.  How was I to know though, that I was wasting my energy on the wrong people!

Have you ever met a person, a new friend or new partner and just felt the energy between you? This energy comes from vibrations; vibrational energy you get from other people. These vibrations in fact, speak volumes, and mostly before either of you have actually opened your mouth to say anything.  

Now, we know that energy surrounds us in our everyday lives, but many of us don’t consider how that energy is affecting us, especially the energy given by other people.

Have you ever had a gut instinct about another person? A feeling of like or dislike that you just couldn’t explain?  That was their vibrational energy you were sensing.  Conversely, if other people, situations and places cause a reaction inside of you, know that your own energetic vibration causes reactions in other people too!

Similar energies attract one another. You will notice, the more positive you are, the more positive people you attract. Positive people hang out together and you will find the complainers, drama queens and gossips attract people with the same energy patterns too!  Have you thought that you keep attracting the ‘same sort of guy/girl’ or the ‘same sort of friend’ (friend in the loosest term) and you ask yourself “WHY AM I ATTRACTING THESE PEOPLE?” That’s down to your energy and the attraction of similar energies. 

The vibrations you put into the universe are directly connected to feelings we have in our bodies. What you vibrate, you attract. Now if I told you your physiology controls your psychology would you believe me?

So, regardless if you do or if you don’t… 

I want you stop what you are doing right now, jump out of your seat or your bed or where ever you are and stand like SUPERMAN or WONDER WOMAN. Stand in this pose, feeling incredible, feeling that buzz through your body and then add a massive smile to your face. Now in this position still standing strong with a beaming smile, try to feel NEGATIVE or sorry for yourself. You won’t be able too! (crazy isn’t it).

Now, this whole concept could ring bells for you if you have been reading my other blogs this year. Something very similar called the RAS (Reticular Activating System) and the Law of Attraction, work in the same way. (RAS BLOG)

Then we must start acting like the people we truly are meant to be.

“Beckie – how can I be the energy I want to attract…”  

To attract what you want and change your energy, you must raise your personal vibration. Here are 4 ways to accomplish this:

1. Write down WHAT YOU WANT!

When you write down what your goals are, your energy begins vibrating closer to what you want. By putting your goals into the world, saying them, seeing them and believing them every day, it will bring you closer to a vibrational match. Your RAS will kick in and you will start seeing opportunities that bring you closer to your goal. (Trust me – IT WORKS!)

2. Visualisation

Just like the feelings you got by standing like Superman or Wonder Woman, by visualising, you begin feeling what you want inside of you; you are feeling its vibration, feeling how it would feel if you could see it, hear it, smell it, taste it!

The more you visualise and feel how good it is to have what you want as part of you, the more you bring your energy into alignment with your desire! 

There is no better feeling than visualising a goal you are working towards…

Close your eyes and imagine the goal, see what you see, feel what you feel, hear what hear and really embrace those feelings of having and achieving these goals already. 

Go on, do it now – it’s incredible stuff!

3. Affirmations

Remove energetic blockages to manifesting! If you don’t believe you can have what you want, you are putting up an ENERGETIC BLOCK; you are matching your energy to what you believe you can have, not necessarily what you want.

If you are unsure on affirmations check out ‘Writing your own positive affirmations‘ blog 🙂

4. Gratitude

Be thankful for what you have now. The positive energy of gratitude raises your vibration to a higher state. Think about good energy as light and high, and negative energy as heavy and dark. 

So, you might think that this week’s blog is a little far-fetched, however I am now a FIRM believer how energy and vibrations can change your life.  They’ve changed mine!

Have a go – you won’t regret it!

Happy Sunday 

Bec x

Ps. I am now a qualified Hypnotist (WOO!). 

I have learnt so many incredible, life changing techniques in the world of hypnosis and I am SO excited to share them with you. 

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